SEO Search Engine Optimization

Search engine marketing has become one of the main tools of communication. Many new business and jobs start at Google. The ranking of the main concepts as well as for individual combinations of words must be matched.

Onsite optimization for Google & Co

Ideallery, bring the websites to already build in effective structures. Organic texts with titles and proper keyword density bring lasting results. Proper use of content management systems and a clean programming with CSS are important factors of Search Engine Optimization

Important to examine the competitors regularly and to monitor their actions. Existing pages can bring to a gentle redesign in better positions. We will advise you about all the possibilities of website optimization

Offsite SEO measures

The main element is about everything the website will found on Google. Further elements are:

- Linking with Google relevant pages to our website

- Posts and links from discussion forums (technical report, newspapers )  

- Customerlink to our website 

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