Cross Media

To make your website more exciting attracts the right prospects to be, it needs various supporting measures. We show you here on the two main divisions.

Text ads on Google

Google Adwords ads is the only advertising in which the advertiser is found! And not the buyer has to be found.
The text messages can be very precisely placed and controlled on the engine. Google Adwords are available starting at 00:05 francs per click, but can also be quickly CHF 5 to 20.
Search Engine Marketing or SEM is also known as a very effective method to make online advertising. Not only the demand but the quality score of your ad and objectives have a side effect on the price.

Our Adwords offer

Placing the first Adwords campaign including CHF 150.- monthly advertising balances with Google.

Evaluating keywords based on the website and the offer with the inclusion of:
- Adwords keyword tool
- Google Trends and Google Insights
- and other online tools
Inclusive free training after the test phase!!

Social Media for Business

Professional Facebook fan pages

Facebook provides its millions of users with a simple interface is available, which allows users without programming knowledge to gestallten their side and to talk with others. Facebook sets the structure and navigation points for companies and private sides.

If [Infos] [Chronicle]] [Photos] [Friends] [Notes]
is not enough as a navigation, we program the Facebook developer's app in addition for an individual navigation, which allow appropriate communication.

Request on Facebook

Request on Facebook


Multi Level Marketing

Fanpage Facebook